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About Me.

As a qualified translator and linguist with a bachelor's degree, communication is my field of expertise. Theory alone, however, has not gotten me to where I am today. At SAP, I learned what corporate communication is really all about. That's how I discovered my passion for writing.

Mehrwert Texter

I grew up with English and therefore consider myself at native-speaker level. Spanish runs quite fluently as a second foreign language. Italian has always appealed to me and has been one of my languages ever since (although not as perfect as English and Spanish). German sign language fascinated me for two semesters and I didn't leave Japanese on the bench either. Some people would call me a nerd for languages! Which is honestly quite accurate.

Currently, I'm working as a content manager in IT consulting and I'm responsible for everything from customer presentations to homepage, to wording for exhibition booths and executive speeches.

And that's exactly the expertise you'll benefit from!

It's amazing what you can achieve with the right words. Words are as versatile as us humans are and our cultures. Everyone has their own way of communicating, pursuing their own wishes and goals.


Every communication challenge is unique, but together we'll find the right words.


I'm looking forward to your message!

Thank you! I'll get in touch asap.

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