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Inspierende Bewerbungen helfen dein Ziel zu erreichen und die Spitze des Bergs zu erklimmen

Job Application

After a few basic questions about yourself, we can get started. Cover letter or letter of motivation will no longer seperate you from your dream job. Your invitation to an interview is practically a sure thing!

Curriculum Vitae

I am more than happy to write and design your CV. All consistent with the design of your entire application, of course..

Customer Voices

Rebecca focuses on the individual and his or her story. I asked at short notice if she could help me with my application: a completely new resume and a suitable cover letter. One of her strengths is thinking herself into the foreign profession and adapting the wording to it. She thinks about the industry - whether marketing or public service. Just one day after sending the application, I was invited for an interview and ultimately got the job.

Valerie Berger

- Valerie Berger, Public Official


Ich freue mich auf deine Nachricht!

Vielen Dank! Ich melde mich sobald, wie möglich!

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